Ta'afi means Recovery
Ta'afi Initiative

Ta’afi is a Syrian survivors’ led, survivors’ centered initiative that aims to support and protect victims of detention, torture, and enforced disappearance upon their release and settlement at a secure location, so that they may continue to peacefully support human rights change in Syria and pursue justice and accountability.

The Truth and Justice Charter

A Common Vision on the Question of Enforced Disappearance and Arbitrary Detention in Syria by Syrian Victims’ and Family Members’ Organisations

“The Truth and Justice Charter is a roadmap for justice, and for a better future for Syria. Provides a clear vision of what justice Syrians want to achieve, and a reference for all work for advocacy for justice in Syria”

Ahmad HelmiTa'afi Co-founder & Manager

Humans not Numbers

The Case for an International Mechanism to Address the Detainees and Disappeared Crisis in Syria

مارس 27, 2023

Syrian families and activists around world urge UN to establish international body to uncover fate of Syria’s disappeared

Syrian family groups have urged UN member states to take immediate action to establish an institution to reveal the fate and whereabouts of forcibly disappeared and missing persons in Syria,…
مارس 27, 2023

Syrian Families Urge UN Member States Support for Missing Persons Institution

We, the survivors, and families of the more than 100,000 Syrians who have been forcibly disappeared since 2011, regard the search for the missing as an essential step towards building…