Ta'afi means Recovery
Ta'afi Initiative

Ta’afi is a Syrian survivors’ led, survivors’ centered initiative that aims to support and protect victims of detention, torture, and enforced disappearance upon their release and settlement at a secure location, so that they may continue to peacefully support human rights change in Syria and pursue justice and accountability.

The Truth and Justice Charter

A Common Vision on the Question of Enforced Disappearance and Arbitrary Detention in Syria by Syrian Victims’ and Family Members’ Organisations

“The Truth and Justice Charter is a roadmap for justice, and for a better future for Syria. Provides a clear vision of what justice Syrians want to achieve, and a reference for all work for advocacy for justice in Syria”

Ahmad HelmiTa'afi Co-founder & Manager

Humans not Numbers

The Case for an International Mechanism to Address the Detainees and Disappeared Crisis in Syria